Parsonage Farm Day Nursery

Providing day care for children aged 3 months to reception age in Ticehurst and surrounding areas in East Sussex

How we take care of your little-ones.

Our team has been carefully chosen to create a supportive balance, provided by a majority of qualified staff, including energetic younger members and capable, highly experienced older staff. Together they allow us to offer the very best care for children from 3-months up to reception age.

The Parsonage Farm Day Nursery environment has been purpose-built to do exactly the same. Tucked away in a tranquil rural setting, our pretty, period dairy building has been converted into modern nursery accommodation equipped and designed with young children in mind from the outset.

From our little library room, computer facilities, indoor activity areas, and safely enclosed outdoor play spaces, to junior toilets, secluded sleep room and a kitchen that allows supervised children to help prepare their own healthy drinks and snacks, our setting caters for all our children’s requirements, while supporting every child individually within an inclusive family atmosphere, watched over by capable childcare experts.

From the day we opened, Parsonage Farm Day Nursery’s goals have always been about more than the simple provision of day care.  Instead, our aim is to assist our parents, to the best of our abilities, by helping their children develop into inquisitive, enthusiastic individuals with the social skills and independence to take their next steps into a wider world.

The trick is to make it look like child’s play.


Parsonage Farm Day Nursery is open five days a week throughout the year, excluding Bank Holidays and the week between Christmas and the New Year.

We’re open between: 8am - 6pm from Monday to Thursday, 8am - 5pm on Friday

Places are also available during term-times only, and we offer an ‘Early Bird’ start for parents who need their children to be with us before 8am as well as a variety of sessional options, ensuring our nursery care is tailored to suit your needs.


To effectively take care of our little-ones we group them according to age, then provide each group have their own appropriately equipped rooms and facilities. These groups are as follows:

Ducklings – 3 months to 2 years

Cow Shed – 2 to 3 years

Pig Pen – 3 years+

We provide plenty of staff qualified to care for the needs of each specific age group, working in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the statutory framework laid out to ensure healthy development, care and learning.

On reaching the Pig Pen we begin preparing our little-ones for their next big step to primary school, ensuring they leave us with the skills and knowledge to continue their learning journey in confidence. We also liaise with many of the feeder schools our children may be attending, to help make transitions as easy as possible. As well as special visits from fireman, police and dentist, each afternoon our Pig Pen children enjoy different specialised activities, which include:

Monday – Sport Skills including football, tag rugby and balance-ability

Tuesday – Messy mini makers art class.

Wednesday - Pyjama Drama

Thursday – Fun Time French

Friday - Children's Yoga

Activities for children in all our groups are planned within the EYFS guidelines for meeting each child’s developmental needs and interests, and as each child learns and grows in their own unique way, we observe, chart and record their progress, to give you a beautiful record of their time spent here at Parsonage Farm Day Nursery.

Parsonage Farm Day Nursery has been Ofsted Rated as ‘Outstanding’


Wholesome, healthy and nutritious, our daily menus are carefully created to provide little-ones with the nourishment they need and plenty of variety to explore.

Breakfast is served until 8.30am, followed by a healthy morning snack, and a cooked lunch at 12pm supplied by Zebedees. Our lunch menus are planned to offer something new each day for 3 weeks in rotation and change seasonally twice a year. For more information about Zebedees please take a look at Another healthy snack is served mid-afternoon, before a light tea at 4pm. Drinking water is provided all day, and the nursery is pleased to hold a 5 * Environmental Health Food Hygiene Rating.

Vegetarian/special dietary requirements can be catered for.


Early Years Educational Funding (EYEE) is available for children attending Parsonage Farm Day Nursery and Child Tax Vouchers are accepted.


Parsonage Farm Day Nursery, Ticehurst, East Sussex, TN5 7DL

01580 201263