Parsonage Farm Day Nursery

Providing day care for children aged 3 months to reception age in Ticehurst and surrounding areas in East Sussex

Little extras at Parsonage Farm.


Our holiday club welcomes all children up to 8 years of age, allowing them to put their energy and imagination to good use, having fun in a safe environment during our specially themed mornings run over the school holidays. It’s a wonderful chance for children we’ve already seen through to school to come back and say hello, and we love to see new faces too.


Times change but a good old-fashioned children’s party, complete with classic games and a traditional celebration tea, is what memories are made of. At Parsonage Farm Day Nursery you can enjoy the moment as well as treasure the memories, as we offer weekend parties in the safety of our beautiful countryside premises. And with two of our nursery staff on hand to relieve the organisational stress, supervise the children  and set out and serve a ready prepared tea, all you’ll have to do is sit back and watch your children have the time of their lives.


Our SEN and Disability offer

Special Educational Needs (Promoting Equal Opportunities and Valuing Diversity) Parsonage Farm's policy in relation to children who experience difficulties in learning or in adapting to the physical, social or behavioural demands of the nursery environment is describes below.


We recognise the right of each individual child, including those with special needs, to an appropriate well-rounded under 5's experience, which combines care and learning through play and education.


The nursery is sensitive to the needs and feelings of children with SEN and their families and will ensure individual needs are recognised and addressed. Parents/carers will be involved at every stage and in any plans that are made to meet a child's individual special needs.


Equality of opportunity for all children is essential and it is important that children with special needs have the opportunity of learning alongside their peers. For this reason, the special educational needs of children will normally be met in the age appropriate classroom.


If your child has special needs of any kind, we will discuss;

- How the child and parent can be helped.

- How we can support and help the parent.

- How nursery staff can be helped.

- What advice and practical help we can get from outside agencies.

- What adaptations need to be made.

- What behavioural or educational plan needs to be devised, with outside agency help,

  tailored to each individual child.


At Parsonage Farm Day Nursery we have access to Early Years Special Needs Advisor's who are available for consultation and advice.


As with all children attending Parsonage Farm Day Nursery, their progress will be monitored by observations carried out by the children's key worker and all records are kept confidentially and are only used at the parent's or professionals request.


All special educational needs (SEN) staff are offered up to date training in order to continue practising current methods.


At Parsonage Farm we welcome children from all ethnic groups, cultures, religions and family groups. We welcome children and their families who have English as an additional language. We aim to give positive images of other cultures using various methods, including celebrating different festivals and incorporating multicultural play into our themes and activities. We provide a good selection of multicultural toys and equipment, pictures and photographs of people from other countries and cultures. Parents are encouraged to come and share their skills and knowledge that can help broaden our knowledge and understanding of diversities which then can be learnt in a positive way throughout the nursery.


At Parsonage Farm Day Nursery we aim that;

- Each child should be recognised and appreciated on an individual basis.

- Each child's stage of development is assessed and appropriate provision made.

- Each child will have access to all activities regardless of ability.

- Gender, disability, race, colour, background, origins will not affect any child's access

  to the full range of activities and learning opportunities, or be used to differentiate such


- We will not tolerate inappropriate, discriminatory behaviour and attitude.


Staff plan and organise for the different needs of children, enabling all children to develop their skills and knowledge to their full potential, with personal high standards of achievement. We recognise and welcome individual differences. These enrich the positive contributions, which a wide diversity of culture can contribute to the community. We feel that by having a caring ethos it is fundamental to the development of good relationships between children and adults; recognising strengths and areas which need to be developed; appreciating what each child is capable of or achieves and being proud of each other and oneself, celebrating achievement, however small. Children's confidence and self-esteem needs to be matured in a positive caring way.


Our policy for equal opportunities encourages adults as well as children. All adults will be welcomed to the group whatever capacity, i.e. parents, carers, visitors, helpers, applicants for jobs and no-one will be discriminated against. All staff are encouraged to enhance personal development through further training as we are aware of the need to acknowledge our own bias and welcome opportunities to counter it.


At Parsonage Farm Day Nursery we have regard to the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice and our named staff member to act as Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Hannah Parker-Read



Date: 4th December 2017


To book a visit or ask any questions please contact us on: Tel: 01580 201263

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